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Expertise makes better software

Structura helps businesses gain competitive advantage by bringing software projects from concept to success. From responsive web applications to highly concurrent back end transaction systems, Structura helps organisations build their mission-critical software right the first time.

What you can expect

Simplicity penetrates deeper than a UI and affects applications, architecture, and services. All must be working together to achieve simplicity. I believe in simplicity being the ultimate sophistication.
Software Architecture
With 15 years of professional experience in software engineering under my belt, I help software development teams stand out from the average.
Agile Development
Tight feedback loops and effective communication allow your product owners to change course quickly. This lets you take advantage of changing opportunities and get the most out of a project.
Can-Do Attitude
From small prototypes or Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to large scale projects, I have the expertise and can-do mentality to complete joint projects successfully.
Up-to-date with latest trends
My passion for establishing software designs and writing code lets me stay up-to-date with the latest trends in software development. Therefore you can be certain that you will receive proper advice based on thorough knowledge of mainstream and cutting edge technology.
Timely delivery
What is the added value of software that has been developed but is not accessible
to your clients or employees? I embrace the principles and techniques of Agile methodologies that enable early and frequent releases of functionality.